Cornell Digital Health (CDH) is a student-led organization at Cornell University that explores innovation and application of technology in solving challenges in healthcare and medicine. CDH sparks and sustains year-round conversation with members, developing original ideas, products, and solutions to tackle these key medical challenges. In 2016, CDH launched Cornell Digital Health Review, Cornell’s first annual publication on digital health and healthcare.

Cornell Digital Health Review is Cornell University’s first peer-reviewed and national publication on the intersection of technology, healthcare, and medicine. Cornell Digital Health Review publishes original articles on digital health, featuring research, bioethics, genomic medicine, and much more. We also feature exclusive interviews with healthcare professionals, professors, and physicians across the country. Undergraduates, Master Candidates, and graduate/professional students from any academic institution are welcomed to submit to our journal.

Our vision for Cornell Digital Health Review is for the publication to serve as a platform for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty to share some of their insights into rapidly growing areas in digital health, such as bioinformatics, telemedicine, and consumer health products, with the larger community.