Our Team

Meet the Team

Cornell Digital Health and Cornell Digital Health Review are led by the editorial and executive boards of CDH at Cornell University. Our contributing team and staff members consists of academic researchers from Weill Cornell, undergraduates, MHA Candidates, MBA graduates, professional medical students, and physicians. Thank you to all of our dedicated staff and contributors over these past years!


| Dr. Alexander Abramowicz, MD  |  Edgar Akuffo-Addo  |  Rajesh Bollapragada |

| Sharon Galperin  |  Radhika Ghosalkar  |  Jimmy Guo  |  Anna Huang  |

| Dae-Hee Lee, MHA  |  Lily Liu  |  Harrison Liou  |  Julia Miao  |  Mary Nattakom  |

| Karen Ni  |  Kathleen HM  |  Sara Ragi  |  Lisette Roman, MS |

| Elizabeth Suspanic, MBA  |  Macey Wilson  |  Daniel Zhang  |  Cynthia Zhang  |


Lastly, thank you to our advisor Professor Sean Nicholson, Director of Sloan Program in Health Administration, for his dedication and support throughout these years!